• Mathena Family

    Mathena Family

    Rick Mathena

    Rick Mathena has been the Camp Manager and Promotional Director at Christian Aces since Oct. 1, 1980. During his 36 years as manager, he has checked in almost 19,000 young people and seen over 2000 public decisions for Christ. His wife Joanna (pictured above) serves as lifeguard instructor, first aid instructor, and also as head cook during the camping season. They have been married for 45 years and have three children and four grandchildren.

  • Harvey Family

    Harvery Family

    Robert Harvey—Caretaker

    Robert has been the C/A caretaker since 2005. His attention to detail is known by all who visit the wellgroomed campus any time of the year. His duties have him doing grass work (some 40 acres), pool maintenance, electrical, plumbing, and almost everything else it takes to run and operate the camp. Pictured with Robert are his wife, Jami, and their two children, Ethan and Laken

  • Carpenter Family

    Carpenter Family


    Misty Carpenter, is Christian Acres Activities Director. In addition to planning our activities for both youth and adults throughout the year, Misty also serves as our head lifeguard during the summer season as well as lifeguard instructor, training all new lifeguards. She also serves as part-time secretary. She has been at Christian Acres literally all her life and absolutely loves her work at the camp. Pictured with her is her husband, Scott and their two children Kyler and Brynley.