What is Christian Acres?

"Christian Acres is a place where young people come together for a week with God. Our purpose is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which the camper feels the presence of God in every activity. Although the camp is sponsored by area Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, any person, regardless of church affiliation is invited to attend."


  • February 16 C/A General Board at Maple View at 7:00
  • March 31 30 Pieces of Silver Offering for C/A
  • April 20 Bluefield Area Ladies Day at Mid+Way (Sponsored by Willowton)
  • April 26 C/A Men’s Clinic (Mike Rife)
  • May 3-4 Children’s Convention at C/A Mandee May (304) 952-5709
  • May 17 C/A General Board at 7:00 at C/A
  • June 9-14 Spiritual Emphasis (11th-12th) Josh May (276) 613-2304/Jacob McKlarney (540) 831-9947
  • June 16-21 Jr. III (5th-6th) Jennifer Thompson/Rick Mathena (276) 979-7226
  • June 23-28 Senior I (9th-10th) Jonah Havens (276) 780-5595 Scooter Breisch (304) 320-8554
  • July 7-12 Jr. High (7th-8th) Zack Thompson (540) 641-0726
  • July 14-19 Jr. I (3rd-4th) Greg Pruett (304) 320-3536
  • July 21-26 Jr. II (4th-5th) Jon Jones/Katie Willis (276) 970-1935
  • July 28-30 First Chance (1st-2nd) Jordan Legg/Liz Legg (304) 890-0807
  • August 3 Back to School Luau (K-6) Misty Carpenter
  • August 16 C/A General Board at C/A at 7:00
  • August 25 Outdoor Hotdog Roast (Assisted by Hollybrook)
  • C/A Gospel Sing with MMS Choir 6:00-7:30 p.m.
  • September 7 Preacher/Wife Encouragement Seminar at C/A
  • September 13-14 Teen Weekend at C/A Zack Thompson (540) 641-0726
  • November 15 C/A General Board at Maple View at 7:00
  • December 22 Jesus Birthday Offering for C/A

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Christian Acres Happenings

Upcoming Camp Schedule

  • Childrens Convention
    Dean: Mandee May Starts: 05/03/24
  • Spiritual Emphasis
    Dean: Josh May and Jacob McKlarney Starts: 06/09/24
  • Jr. III
    Dean: Jennifer Thompson and Rick Mathena Starts: 06/16/24
  • Senior I
    Dean: Jonah Havens and Scooter Breisch Starts: 06/23/24
  • Jr. High
    Dean: Zack Thompson Starts: 07/07/24
  • Jr. I
    Dean: Greg Pruett Starts: 07/14/24
  • Jr. II
    Dean: Jon Jones and Katie Willis Starts: 07/21/24
  • First Chance
    Dean: Jordan Legg/Liz Legg Starts: 07/28/24
  • Teen Weekend
    Dean: Zack Thompson Starts: 09/13/24

Camp Quotes

  • Camp fish
    Camp is the reason I am who I am today
  • Camp fish
    Cheryl Mitchem
    I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for C/A
  • Camp fish
    Demi Morrison
    Christian Acres is a great place to grow
  • Camp fish
    Josh Peters
    This is my favorite place this side of heaven
  • Camp fish
    Sarah (Pell) Kells
    C/A—some of the best memories of my life

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