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What is Christian Acres?

"Christian Acres is a place where young people come together for a week with God. Our purpose is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which the camper feels the presence of God in every activity. Although the camp is sponsored by area Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, any person, regardless of church affiliation is invited to attend."

Christian Acres Happenings

Camp and Campus Closed For COVID-19

It is with a sad and burdened heart that I must report to you that the camp will be shut down for the summer until at least August 14.
This not only includes the 7 weeks of camp but also the camp being open for picnics, reunions, birthday parties, etc.

Please read the attachment here to see the regulations for summer camps.
To highlight some of the requirements note the following:

  1. We can’t have any more than 25 on campus including the C/A staff, the Dean’s Staff and campers. (This would probably limit campers to 10.)
  2. Everyone must wear masks with a new mask required for every camper, staff member, etc. for every day of camp. Although they can be washed at the end of the day to secure these would be a nightmare because we would have to basically make our own.
  3. Sanitation requirements would require that we mop every available floor space 3 times daily. Cooking, serving, clean-up would be a nightmare while at the same time requiring social distancing. To meet the 25 maximum amount of people and then have them cleaning all day long would make any type of a camping experience almost null.

This decision was reached after much prayer and consultation with our Executive Board, our deans, as well as results of the survey that we sent out in the Chronicle.


Upcoming Camp Schedule

  • Spiritual Emphasis
    Dean: Josh May and Jacob McKlarney Starts: 06/14/20
  • Jr. III
    Dean: Buddy Goins Starts: 06/21/20
  • Senior I
    Dean: Scooter Breisch Starts: 06/28/20
  • Jr. High
    Dean: Zack Thompson Starts: 07/12/20
  • Jr. II
    Dean: Brian Taylor Starts: 07/19/20
  • Jr. I
    Dean: Tim Roberts Starts: 07/26/20
  • First Chance
    Dean: Jordan Legg Starts: 08/02/20
  • Camp Reunion and Celebration
    Dean: Buddy Goins Starts: 08/07/20

Camp Quotes

  • Camp fish
    Amber Gray
    I love C/A. I wouldn’t want to spend my summer elsewhere
  • Camp fish
    Camp is the reason I am who I am today
  • Camp fish
    Cheryl Mitchem
    I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for C/A
  • Camp fish
    Josh Peters
    This is my favorite place this side of heaven
  • Camp fish
    Misty Carpenter
    Christian Acres will always hold a piece of my heart

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